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Driving into Baja - Does Your Car Insurance Cover You?

We are big fans of driving our own vehicle into Valle de Guadalupe. However, most typical U.S auto insurance policies will not cover Mexico. Most large insurance providers (e.g., Geico, etc.) will add Mexico coverage via one of their partners who has Mexico-specific policies. You can buy those plans for only as long as you’re in the country. We also like Ride Baja for Mexican insurance.

Travelers should be sure to enter Mexico with valid proof of automobile registration. Import permits are NOT needed in the Baja Peninsula.

There are a few tolls you will pass through so bring cash! $2/per toll. US dollars are fine.

If you are pulled over for a transit infringement, you are usually given the opportunity to pay for your ticket at the time of issuance (on the spot) with a credit card or at the police station. Traffic rules are very similar to driving here.

Be aware, many roads in the Valle de Guadalupe are dirt roads/unpaved but are suitable for your typical auto.

Don't feel like driving? Let us arrange a car for you!

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Walking Across the Border - How Do I Find a Private Car and Driver for My Trip to Baja?

Message us to arrange a private car or shuttle to pick you up and drive you to your destination. You can arrange for transfer only or to have your driver with you the full day(s). All of the drivers we work with come highly recommended by our team.

Taxis are also readily available at the border and can take you to the Valle. You may also get a Taxi in the Valle de Guadalupe but you may have to wait for one to become available.

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Do U.S. Cell Phones Work in Baja?

Yes, your phone should work just fine. Many plans today include Mexico and Canada as part of their coverage. Otherwise, you may be charged an international roaming fee. It is probably a good idea to check your plan and consider upgrading it, if needed for your trip.

Ask for wi-fi access at your hotel or winery as well, if you need it…

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Do I Need to Bring Pesos?

You will find most everywhere in the region will accept your US dollars and credit card of choice. If you pay in US Dollars (cash) your change will always be back in Mexican pesos. You can find the exchange rate here and get pesos prior to traveling if you desire or from an ATM in Baja.

Major credit cards are accepted and are generally the easiest way to pay at wineries and hotels.

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How Do I Check the Border Wait Times?

Check the US Customs and Border Protection website here to see wait times to cross back into the USA. Sentri / Global Entry lanes are quite a bit faster than the regular crossing. Select if you are driving or walking across the border to see your approximate wait time. Use the bathroom before getting into line!

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Can you handle my trip planning for me?

Yes, we can design your full day trip or 1-2 night stay for you and book all reservations on your behalf. Please message us directly and we'll hop on it!

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Do I Need to Know How to Speak Spanish?

A good majority of the locals speak English. You will be fine if you can’t speak Spanish. It is always appreciated to speak some Spanish if you know some and a good idea to brush up before your trip. It is a beautiful language. We hear Duolingo is good, also check out your local library for free language learning software.

Google Translate is a great app to use when needed on the spot.

Always remember, a smile and a gesture of goodwill go a long way.

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What Identification Do I need?

U.S. citizens entering the United States by land or sea are required to present a valid WHTI-compliant document, which include:

  • U.S. Passports / U.S. Passport Cards
  • Enhanced Driver's Licenses
  • Enhanced Tribal Card (ETC)
  • Trusted Traveler Cards (Global Entry*, NEXUS, SENTRI, or FAST)
  • Military Identification Cards (for members of the U.S. armed official maritime business)

Children under 15 years old may present an original copy of their birth certificate if they do not have a passport yet.

Updated July 2021

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Do I need to get an International Drivers License?

Nope! Your USA Driver's License is accepted in Baja for driving purposes.

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How do I get an Entry Permit?

U.S. citizens are reminded that if you enter Mexico by land and plan to travel beyond the immediate border area you must stop at a National Migration Institute (INM) office to obtain an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple, or FMM).

Visitors may procure the FMM Form either when you reach Mexico at the border crossing, or you can get it online.

  • Requires a valid passport or passport card.
  • The stamped FMM is valid for land travel throughout Mexico.
  • Cost as of June 2021, $594.00 Pesos (appx U.S. $30) per person; FREE if the trip is 7 days or less and you cross by land.
  • May be issued for up to 180 days.
  • If you get an FMM online, it is still required to stop at an INM office at the border for the official entry stamp.

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Tipping customs in the region are the same as in the States. Generally around 18-20% for great service.


Where will you pick us up?

We will pick you up at your desired pickup location, including a house, hotel or other meeting point in San Diego or Baja.


How long does the tour last?

Please plan at least 8 hours for the tour. If you are leaving from San Diego, we will have three winery stops vs. four to get you back in time – unless you are staying overnight in the Valle. If you are staying – which we highly recommend! – it will be approx. 8-9 hours for a wine tour leaving from San Diego. See wine tour here.


What payment methods are available?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB payments through our payment provider. You will be redirected to make payment on their site


How do I know which hotel I will get booked at?

We will send your trip design and inside your trip design you will see images of our selected property for you based on your style. You will see your full itinerary with all excursions included before you purchase your trip and accompanying deal.


What types of experiences can you include in our trip designs?

Massages, Yoga, ATV tours, Hiking, Wine Tours, Dining Experiences and Much More! Please see our Romance and Adventure Deals to see all the experience add-ons to customize your stay.


Can I hire a driver only and leave my car at my hotel?

Yes. Please request a driver via email if you are not using us for your lodging, wine tours and other excursions we can still confirm you a daily drive.

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